Prostate Cancer Symptom

What is Prostate Cancer symptom?

Prostate cancer is usually a very slow growing cancer, often causing no symptoms until it is in an advanced stage. Expert says that prostate cancer starts with tiny alterations in the shape and size of the prostate gland cell called Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PIN).  Some of the 50 years old men have PIN and the cells are still in place and seem do not move elsewhere. The changes can be seen under a microscope. There are several symptom of prostate cancer can be identified includes:<p?

    • Frequent urination, or weak or interrupted urine flow

One of the causes of prostate cancer is urinary incontinence. For those who suffer from this disease will often go to the toilet and not comfortable on the penis. The urine will come out every three to four minutes in a little quantity.

    • Pain or burning during urination or blood in the urine

For those men who often feel pain when urinating. Please consult your doctor immediately for advice. This is because it is one of the causes of prostate cancer. In addition, blood in the urine also is the cause of severe prostate cancer. Usually for those who have these symptoms is in stage three or four. They will feel pain during the bloody urine out of the penis.

    • The urge to urinate frequently during the night

Refer to the above symptom they will face urinary frequency no matter the time. But for those suffering from this disease will usually find frequent urination at night. Men need to be concerned if these symptoms occur because usually those who have these symptoms are in the middle stage of prostate cancer.

    • Pain in the back, weight loss and fatigue

One of the symptoms of prostate cancer is pain in the back of the body, the body weight decreased dramatically and often feel lethargic than ever before. Most prostate cancer does not give right onset of symptoms until it is a serious level. They often ignore these symptoms because it is the reason weary minded hard work. If these symptoms persist for two weeks, please consult your doctor or physician for treatment or advice.

    • Discomfort in the pelvic area

If you feel pain at the bottom of the penis it caused pelvic inflammatory divided. This is also a symptom of prostate cancer.



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